About ReichlerClinic.org

This Reichler Clinic website is intended to be a tongue-in-cheek fansite based on the Reichler Clinic organisation Hannah Seraphim works for in the Obernewtyn Chronicles, written by Isobelle Carmody.

By creating this website I do not discredit organisations who do study powers of the mind. I don’t know the first thing about the actual science behind any of it. This site is just a bit of fun, and in no way to be taken seriously. The Reichler Clinic was described as being a glossy, fraudulent organisation, and so I created a glossy, sales-pitchy website for it (as should be blatantly obvious by the cheesy Clinic page, if nothing else. Jonathan Frakes = William Reichler?! XD ).

The secondary aim of this site will be to promote various causes and charities, mostly spanning the mental health and animal welfare realms, which is the reason for the blog section and facebook page. And the articles within there are no joking matter, but I’m guessing if you’re here and reading this, you don’t really need all of this explained! Feel free to comment on a post if there’s a cause out there you think we should be featuring as it’s by no way restricted to those categories.

Cheers and enjoy,
Min-as-Hannah Seraphim 😛