The Clinic

The Reichler Clinic has mobile testing units in almost all of the world’s major cities, with laboratories in Uropa, Chinon and Gadfia. The Clinic employs over seventy of the world’s top minds in neuropathy, biology, chemistry and parapsychology to collaborate in it’s life-changing research and development.

William Reichler, CEO

William Reichler has a dream: that every person be able to achieve their true potential. As the founding father of the Reichler Clinic, William Reichler has been the heart and soul of the organisation, with this dream allowing him to guide his team in their ground-breaking research.

His multi-award-winning paper, “Powers of the Mind”, in which William Reichler documents his discoveries, has cemented his position as industry leader in the field of neuroscience and parapsychology.

When William isn’t overseeing the laboratory work or publishing his next paper, he can be found on his yacht in the Mediterranean, or his villa in Guernsey, Uropa.