The Science

Through repeatable experimentation, the Reichler Clinic seek to detect, understand and unlock humankind’s untapped abilities. It has been a long-known fact that humans use only a small percentage of their brains. What amazing powers does the dormant portion of your mind have, just waiting to be woken?

The Reichler Clinic wants to help you unlock your hidden potential.

The ability to detect emotions? Talk to the animals? Dream about future events? Heal the world with your touch? Teleport?

Our brains harness some amazing wonders, and the possibilities are endless.

Help the Reichler Clinic help you and visit one of our mobile testing centres today.

What kind of powers are there?

Do you…converse with animals? You might be a beastspeaker!
Do you…influence people by will alone? You might be a coercer!
Do you…feel what other people are feeling? You might be an empath!
Do you…communicate with people telepathically? You might be a farseeker!
Do you…dream about events that are yet to happen? You might be a futureteller!
Do you…cure illness with your touch alone? You might be a healer!
Do you…understand new technology instinctively? You might be a teknoguilder!

Or, you may be none of these. Perhaps your mind hides a yet to be researched talent? There’s only one way to find out: let the Reichler Clinic unlock your potential!