Powers of the Mind

Throughout history, there have been far too many documented instances of demonstrated extrasensory activity for even the most devout skeptic among us to deny the existence of paranormal abilities.
At the Reichler Clinic we believe all people possess paranormal abilities, which can manifest and be triggered in any number of ways. Detection and strengthening of paranormal abilities has for far too long been left to the realms of science-fiction. The Reichler Clinic are proving that it is science-fact.

Have a think about the little chance events in your life. Things you may have brushed off as coincidence. Maybe you had a dream that came true. Perhaps a message arrives from a friend you were just thinking about. Maybe you really can hear your dog asking you for food.
Who knows what you can achieve with your mind’s full potential unlocked? Heal the sick? Save a family? Teleport to work? Build a better holo?

Through our research, it is no longer a question of whether you have paranormal ability. The question you should be asking is, what will your ability be?

We have employed top scientists from around the globe to develop state-of-the-art methods to not only detect your paranormal ability, but awaken it for you.

And so you can wait to see if your powers manifest eventually, and hope you are young enough to enjoy them.
Or, you can take the initiative. Take control of your destiny. Visit one of the Reichler Clinic’s mobile testing units, and take the guess work out of your future.